Trac Vegetation has a dedicated Vegetation Management team with many years experience of planning and delivering a diverse range vegetation management projects throughout Network Rail’s Routes for a wide range of clients including Network Rail, Bam Nuttall, Amco Giffen and Balfour Beatty to name but a few. 

We have the ability and experience to plan possessions and line-blocks in house with our dedicated Trac Possession Planner who is also our SSOW Planner, who works in close contact with the management team to ensure that projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards. 

We employ the following resources directly COSS/PiC/SWL, RETB Operatives, Chainsaw Operators and Small Plant Opertators (Chippers,Brush Cutters, Hedge Cutters etc), IRATA Level 3 supervisors, ALO Co-ordinators, Lift Planners, POS Reps, Machine Operatives & Machine/Crane Controllers. Trac also utilises experienced specialist contractors that have worked with us for many years. 

Ewen Chisholm | Contracts Manager

David Garstang | SSOW/POSS Planner

Dave Watt | Assistant Project Manager


Service – We aim to be the best, going the extra mile for our customers.
Safety – We work safely or not at all, aiming for zero incidents.
Quality – We’re focused on getting it right, we’re focused on attention to detail
Innovation – We’re focused on reducing costs, delivering new ideas efficiently


We have in place a robust suite of operating systems and procedures that are fully compliant with and certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. These are subject to rigorous internal and external audit regularly thus ensuring first class service delivery and continual improvement across all areas of our business. We are highly experienced at delivering services directly for Network Rail, currently hold Principal Contractor and Plant Operator status and are fully conversant with all relevant Network Rail standards, specifications and associated legislation for the projects that we undertake.


Our system is process-based and all processes follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.   

Improvement is fundamental to what we do.  The process is dynamic; each part feeding into the next, enabling us to continually improve.  Key areas for monitoring and measuring shall be assessed on a continual basis and form part of our management review activities. 

The system is designed to ensure that we carry out works sustainably and without harm to people or the environment. 

In particular, we will:

  • Minimise negative impacts upon the environment wherever possible. 
  • Aim to become more energy and resource efficient and monitor and implement measures to minimise our carbon emissions e.g. by investing in electric vehicles and better technology. 
  • Leave greenbelt and countryside areas as they were found. 
  • Account for climate change adaptation during planning; to ensure resilience and continuity of our services and to provide best support to our clients and carry out carbon monitoring.